This family history site presents data from our TMG database as fully linked raw data, indexes and charts that you may browse. However, we have excluded data of all living persons.

Below are descriptions of the features and some hints on getting the most out of them.

Note: This site uses Java script. Consequently, the security settings on your browser may alert you that it has restricted the site from running scripts. For optimum viewing, it is suggested that you 'Allow blocked content'. If you do not wish to do this, some content may not be available to you.

Master Index

Lists all* of the individuals in our database, grouped by surname. Rather than making you scroll through hundreds of individuals, you are firstly presented with a shortlist of groups of surnames, such as Eliza to Topping, William Betterley and Topping, William T to Young, Jane. Click the group in which you are interested and it will take you to a page listing the surnames and individuals in that group. Against each individual you will find dates of birth and/or death, if available, to help you find the one you want.

Any individuals that have portrait photographs on their person pages will have an icon of a persons head and shoulders next to their name. Click on the icon to view.

Navigation options for Previous Page and Next Page will be available at the head and foot of the page if you need them. Clicking an individual will take you to their own 'person page'.

Surname Index

Lists all* of the surnames in our database. Click a selector button for the first letter of the surname you want and it will take you to the relevant list of surnames beginning with that letter. Then click the surname in which you are interested. This will take you to the relevant group of individuals under that surname in the Master Index.

Other Indexes

Other indexes includes a list of all men, women, place indexes, recent changes and a list of new people added to the tree, for quick access to these items. Click on the link you require for example Recent Changes and this will take you to a list of people who have been recently updated. From here click on the person you require. The other links work in a similar manner.


Lists a number of drop-line charts showing descendants and ancestors, including spouses, of key individuals. Click a "Descendants of..." or "Ancestors of..." link to view a chart.

Individuals on a chart are colour coded and a key to the coding is provided at the bottom of the chart. You may need to use the scroll bars to move and view all of the chart. If you 'hover' over an individual in the chart, dates of birth and/or death, if available, will be displayed. Clicking an individual will take you to their person page.

Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour includes all people in the database who have been in the armed forces or fought in a war. Again click the link for a list of names. Click on the name you are interested in to be taken to the person page.


Shows all images in database in one place. All images can be seen together, or you can view all the men or all the women by clicking the appropriate links.

BMD Calendars

Calendars showing baptisms, births, marriages, deaths and burials for people in the tree. The calendars are current allowing the reader to relate events that happend years ago to current day events and timings.


This page includes people who have contributed to the site to make it what it is and where possible how they are linked in with Charlotte Cootes with whom my tree starts. However, as Charlotte is a living person she is not currently displayed.


List of definitions for occupations which may be obsolete today or less commonly known.

The Person Page

Each individual has their own person page, showing name (maiden name for females), gender and dates of birth and/or death, if available.

Clicking the Pop-up Pedigree button will open a 3-generation pedigree panel, complete with dates. Clicking any of the names in the panel will take you to the person page for that person.

Note: If ActiveX controls have been blocked by your browser, this feature will not work unless you 'Allow blocked content'.

Any charts containing this individual will be listed. Details of an individual's life are presented in a raw data format, complete with references to any citations, a list of children and the citations. Any event that is illustrated by a photograph, newspaper cutting or document will have an icon in the shape of a persons head and shoulders. Click the icon to view.

All other individuals mentioned on the person page can be clicked to get to their person page. Citation numbers can also be clicked to view details of the sources of those citations.

* Excluding all living persons.

Hint: Probably the quickest way of homing in on the person you are looking for is to start with the Surname Index, which will take you to a list of individuals within the Master Index, that you can then use to get to their person page.

Finally happy reading!