Isabella Bates Donachie1

F, b. 1891

Isabella Donachie attending family Christening. Date not known.

Picture courtesy of Margaret Brown

FatherArthur Donachie2 b. 1855
MotherMargaret (?)2 b. 1859
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Last Edited3 Jan 2010

Birth*1891, Salford, Lancs, England1,2 
Census 1891*5 April 1891, 14 Moore Street, Salford, Lancashire, England, age given as 2 months and currently living with her own family. In the next 10 years she moves in with the Cootes where she stays, but appears to have had contact with her own family.2
Adoption*1901, shown on 1901 census as being adopted by the Cootes household3,4 
Census 1901*31 March 1901, 1 Bank Place, Salford, Borough of Salford, England, age given as 10.3
Census 1911*2 April 1911, Boat House Hotel, Salford, Lancashire, England, age given as 20.4
Occupation*2 April 1911, telephone operator - National Telephone Corp4 
Note*14 January 2009, Isabella went to live with the Cootes family for a while when her own family fell on hard times. They were a big family 6 girls and two boys, and it is not known why Bella went to live with the Cootes. The only explanation the relative that gave this information was that her father said that Bella was very clever and maybe the family thought that she would have a better chance with them. How they all knew each other it is not known, and why she is listed as adopted it is not known, because she wasn't legally adopted and always stayed very close to her sisters and brothers. Living with them until her death in 1979.

As for George Bates (on 1911 census with Donachie family) he was Auntie Bellas cousin. (his mum and her mum were sisters).

Dads mum and auntie Bella were sisters, after his mums death three of the sisters looked after dad, Bella, Jessie and Elizabeth and in turn he looked after them.5 


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